Dreaming of owning your own business but feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of franchise opportunities available? If your budget falls around $200K, you might be wondering which franchises under 200k offer the most potential. Fortunately, there are many franchise industries to explore that only require candidates to have $200K in liquidity to qualify.

Learn what to look for in an affordable franchise and which franchise industries are most in demand this year.

Best Franchise Investment Opportunities for Under 200K

Some of the best franchises under 200K fall within the following industries:

  1. Health and fitness: The health and wellness sector is exploding with opportunities as consumers are becoming more health conscious. While the market can be competitive, owners benefit from recurring revenue through memberships and long-term client contracts – providing more financial predictability.
  2. Pet services: People love their pets! In fact, 66% of households across the nation own a pet, and Americans spent an incredible $136.8 billion on their furry companions in 2022 alone. With such a strong dedication to our four-legged family members, savvy entrepreneurs can capitalize on this massive market. From mobile grooming services to boarding, there are many opportunities that can fit within a tighter budget.
  3. Quick-service restaurants (QSRs): Fast-food franchises are traditionally appealing due to their popularity and proven business model. While initial costs for some QSR brands can be quite high, several emerging or less established brands offer affordable opportunities for around or under $200K.
  4. Senior care: With an aging population and a growing desire to age in place, the demand for senior care services is seeing a rapid increase. This presents a meaningful opportunity for compassionate entrepreneurs looking to help those in their community. These businesses provide essential services such as assistance with daily living activities, medication reminders, companionship, transportation to appointments or errands, and much more.
  5. Property restoration: As climate-related incidents increase and our country’s infrastructure continues to age, commercial and residential property restoration franchises are in high demand. Specializing in emergency repairs from water, fire, and natural disasters, the consistent need for restoration services provides a stable flow of business.
  6. Home services: A vast industry, home services include franchises specializing in home improvement, maintenance, landscaping, and cleaning services. These affordable franchises may require lower upfront costs and can often be operated from home or a small, rented office space, reducing overhead expenses.

It’s important to note that every industry has a range of investment options, some more expensive than others. Be sure to thoroughly research each franchise opportunity so you’re fully aware of the startup costs and other financial requirements. A franchisor may dictate that candidates must have at least $200K in liquidity to qualify, which is not the same as the estimated investment costs. However, most franchisors have partnerships with third-party lenders or even in-house financing options to help franchisees fund their business venture. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you know exactly how the franchisor can help you through the process of securing funding.

Why Invest with The Tailored Closet?

Our brand has been providing superior, custom storage solutions to homeowners since 2006. With our proprietary 3D design software and shop-from-home convenience, our clients are able to fully envision what the final product will look like before they commit. And we do it all – from closets and home offices to pantries and laundry rooms, we’re able to create beautiful, functional spaces for our clients.

At The Tailored Closet, we offer low-cost franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs looking to break into the home services industry. Our total investment costs range between $155,220 and $268,675. Plus, we offer up to $44,000 in-house financing. We also provide qualified candidates a 15% financial discount as a thank-you for their military service.

To learn more about our franchise opportunity, inquire now, and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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